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How To Pronounce Cache

There is one syllable in the word cache, /kaʃ/.

The first sound is , a voiceless velar stop. Make this sound by bringing the back of your tongue up until it touches the top of your mouth, while making sure your vocal cords are not vibrating. Additionally, if is made at the beginning of a word, we aspirate it, so make sure you say this sound with a large puff of air.

The second sound is , this vowel isn't very common in other languages and is one of the vowels that people who didn't grow up speaking American English should work on. The vowel can be described as a near-open unrounded front vowel. It's made with the tongue raised fairly high, but not lifted completely to the top of the mouth. The tongue should be pushed forward in the mouth, and the lips should be unrounded when making this sound.

The third sound is , which is a voiceless post-alveolar fricative. It's made by raising your tongue near, but not touching, the area just behind your alveolar ridge, and allowing air to blow through that space, while not vibrating your vocal cords.

I thought this was pronounced differently!

Many people may think that this word has two syllables, and might pronounce it like /kae-shay/. This is a mispronunciation for

, but it is a perfect pronunciation of
.Both of these words are derived from French, but they have different meanings.
can be used as either a noun or a verb. A cache can be defined as a place where items are stored for future use. If we use the verb form, caching something can be defined as storing an item somewhere for future use.
is commonly a synonym of prestige and also can refer to a seal or a mark. In addition to their difference in meaning of these two words,
has one syllable, and three sounds, whereas
has two syllables, and four sounds.


When pronouncing the word

, remember that it only has one syllable. There are three sounds in the word cache. If you try pronouncing
with two syllables, people may think that you mean
, which has a different meaning as well as and an extra sound, the diphthong .

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